Custom Sand Blasting and Powder Coating Service

Prices below include stripping, powder, and coating.

Parts must be clean and free of any grease and dirt.

All parts must be disassembled and all plastic components removed.

Special colors may require additional costs.

Part Description:Price:Part Description:Price:
A-Arm$20.00Master Cylinder Cover$10.00
Bolts (Taped Threads)$2.00Nerf Bars (Pair)$100.00
Brackets Small$5.00Skid Plate$40.00
Brackets Medium$10.00Springs$20.00
Brackets Large$15.00Sproket Front$20.00
Brake Caliper$40.00Sproket Rear$40.00
Brake Levers$20.00Sproket Cover$15.00
Brake Pedal$10.00Steering Shaft60.00
Brake Rotor (Center and Edges)$60.00Swing Arm$100
Front Bumper$70.00Switch Housing$20.00
Chain Guard$20.00Throttle Assembly$20.00
Cam Cover$30.00Washers$1.00
Cylinder Head$60.00Wheels (26-in +)$120.00
Foot Pegs$5.00Wheels (25-in)$115.00
ATV Frame$350.00Wheels (24-in)$110.00
Sub Frame (ATV)$50.00Wheels (23-in)$105.00
Dirt Bike Frame$300.00Wheels (22-in)$100.00
Grab Bar Rear$40.00Wheels (21-in)$95.00
Handle Bars$40.00Wheels (20-in)$90.00
Handle Bar Clamp/Risers$20.00Wheels (19-in)$85.00
Handle Bar Switch Housing$20.00Wheels (18-in)$80.00
Heel Guards$65.00Wheels (17-in)$75.00
Hubs$50.00Wheels (16-in)$70.00
Inspection Cover$10.00Wheels (15-in)$65.00
Kick Stand$10.00Wheels (14-in)$60.00
Master Cylinder$30.00Wheels (13-in)$55.00
Master Cylinder Cover$10.00Wheels (Less than 13-in)$50.00

Note: There is a $25.00 minimum per order and $25.00 minimum per color.